Frequently Asked Questions

How big is it?
  • When laid flat, the Magic Creepers dimensions are 28 wide by 60 long. When rolled up for storage, its only 7 x 7 x 28, and because its fabric it can be squished down even more.
Is there a weight limit?
  • Officially theres a one ton weight capacity, but technically there’s no weight limit. It’s all a matter of how much force you can initiate. Practically speaking, this means you might put a 1,300 pound log on it, but it may take 4 persons to initiate movement. It’s a workout! The device cant be damaged due to weight. If you have a specific application in mind, feel free to ask.
How high is it off the ground?
  • The Magic Creeper has zero ground clearance. We’d be hard pressed to get you any closer to the ground.
How does the Magic Creeper work?
  • The Magic Creeper freely glides over itself, not unlike a tractor tread. Check the video on the homepage to see the creeper in action.
How difficult is it to move around on?
  • The Magic Creeper is extremely easy to slide, maneuver, and twist around on. Following proper techniques, you can roll 3-5 feet top to bottom, but youre limited to about 3 feet side to side.  Youd be surprised at how little this limitation actually comes into play.
How does it handle rough or uneven surfaces?
  • The Magic Creeper works on virtually all surfaces, from the garage floor to the gravel driveway. It glides over the extension cord in the shop, and weve taken it down abandoned railroad tracks (that was not a smooth ride). Its versatility is nearly limitless.
Can the material be easily damaged?
  • The Magic Creeper is made from a high-strength puncture resistant material. Dont go stabbing it with a knife to prove us wrong, but its gonna take more than gravel to get through this stuff.
Won't it damage expensive floor finishes?
  • The Magic Creeper wont scratch or damage your floors. Its made out of a smooth quilted fabric.
How heavy is it?
  • The Magic Creepers lightweight body is a whopping 3 pounds.
How do I store it?
  • The Magic Creeper is so easy to store. It rolls up to be easily tossed in the trunk or on a shelf.
Does the Magic Creeper have wheels?
  • Nope, this creepers wheel-lessly free of that maintenance nightmare. Watch the video on the homepage.
What kind of maintenance is required?
  • Lacking mechanical parts, the Magic Creeper is maintenance free.
How does it handle water and oil?
  • The Magic Creeper is water and oil resistant.
How do I clean it?
  • The Magic Creeper is machine washable, but with the nature of its job, we recommend just wiping it down with a rag.
What can I use it for?
  • Maneuvering underneath your vehicle.
  • Moving heavy objects.
  • Use as a cushioned seat.
  • Covering surfaces and protecting them from damage.
  • Getting you in and out of tight spaces like the kitchen sink.