Flash Light Gloves


Help You Work in Dark Tight Spaces

Wearing the LED flashlight glove is like having a great assistant in a dark narrow space or outdoor activities at night to hold the flashlight for you. Two, bright LED lights on each glove that you won’t drop while working.

Stretchy and Comfortable Material

Our LED flashlight gloves are made of the resilient breathable elastic fabric that ensures your fingers are free to move.

One Size Fits All

The flashlight gloves fits snugly for most adult men or women. The adjustable wrist strap helps adjust and secure the gloves.

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The most practical, hands-free flash light. Lightweight, stretchy and comfortable material fits most hands with an adjustable wrist strap. Suitable for mechanics, fishermen, electricians, plumbers, for outdoor activities, camping, cycling, hiking, biking and running.

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