Patented Magic Creeper


Cloud Cap Innovations is driving to make your life simpler. Not your typical high maintenance auto creeper, the Magic Creeper is the most versatile auto creeper ever. With zero ground clearance, the Magic Creeper won’t damage expensive floor finishes, and still works on rough or uneven surfaces. In your driveway, in the gravel, or even on the side of the road, The Magic Creeper is always useful. The patented multi-layer construction is high-strength and puncture resistant. This wheel-less mechanics creeper weighing in at only 3 pounds is easy to store and maintenance free. You’ll love how easy and convenient it is to use. You might just want one with you wherever you go, one for your motorhome and one for the garage. The Magic Creeper also makes the perfect gift! We want happy customers, so please be careful in purchasing counterfeit products, we’ve heard from our customers and they DO NOT work.

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More about the ONE & ONLY Original, Patented Magic Creeper
(Beware: counterfeit products are know to lack the patented sliding material.)

  • Zero ground clearance
  • Lightweight (3 pounds)
  • Oil and water resistant
  • Puncture resistant
  • Works on uneven surfaces – grass, gravel & dirt
  • Easy to take with you – easily stored
  • Low maintenance -no wheels – no weight limit
  • Will not damage or scratch expensive flooring
  • Move heavy objects with ease
  • Easy to maneuver with up to 5 feet of travel
  • Comfortable kneeling pad
  • ORIGINAL, Patented MAGIC CREEPER material slides with ease and always ready


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  • Please contact (503) 328-6620 for inquiring about international orders.

If ordering more than a case (12) of Magic Creepers, please call us at (503) 328-6620.

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