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Magic Creeper

The Crew Set

The Crew Set

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Perfect package for you and the crew!


(5) Patented Magic Creeper

(5) Creeper Case

(5) Magic Cleaner Wipes - 20 ct. (The wipes easily tuck inside the case for on-the-go use!)


Patented Magic Creeper

Not your typical high maintenance auto creeper. The Magic Creeper is the most versatile auto creeper ever. The Magic Creeper works on any surface - grass, gravel, dirt, uneven concrete - it will even roll right over hydraulic lines. The patented multi-layer construction is high-strength and puncture and water resistant. You’ll love how easy and convenient it is to use.

Set includes (5)

Magic Cleaner Wipes

Best Cleaner for the Magic Creeper. The NEW Magic Cleaner Wipes are heavy-duty degreasing wipes that tackle every cleaning situation. These individual wipes are good for on the go, and the perfect solution for cleaning your Magic Creeper and accessories. Keep a few in your Creeper Case, a few in your tool box and some in the glove compartment!

Set includes (5)

Creeper Case

Storage and Travelers Case. By storing the Creeper in the case, you protect your car, truck or trunk from any debris picked up while using the Creeper. While it would be ideal to use the Magic Cleaner Wipes after each use of the Creeper, it might not always be feasible. The case is perfect for Traveling and for always making sure your Creeper is stored away after using.

Set includes (5)

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