The Magic Creeper™ was imagined, designed, and manufactured by the folks at Cloud Cap Innovations, LLC.

At Cloud Cap, we take pride in the products we offer. We go out of our way to make products of superior quality and craftsmanship, products designed to meet or exceed the demands placed on them through everyday use.

For the team at Cloud Cap, your complete satisfaction is our daily goal. We know what it’s like to be the customer. That’s why our products go through extensive “real-world” testing to determine what works and how we can make our products better than anything on the market. After all, we use these products in our own homes.

We’re also dedicated to innovation. By taking the time to figure out everything that is “good” about the currently available creepers on the market and then focusing on ways to improve them, we can offer you products that are of good quality, of good value, and that live up to our ultimate mission: To make your life easier, at home, each and every day.

Cloud Cap Innovations is a small, family-owned business in a small town just outside of Portland, OR. Currently, our products are not available in stores, and we do not have any distributors in the US. I urge all our customers to be very careful of others claiming to be us, selling a fraudulent product they call “Magic Creeper.” It isn’t the same product; the product doesn’t work as we’ve designed it and they are violating the rights of our patent. Please help us stop the counterfeits by purchasing only from our site. You can call us to place to order if you are uncomfortable placing an order over the web.

If you are a potential distributor, we are only interested in expanding in other countries.

If you have any comments, questions, compliments or complaints, we’d love to hear from you. Please send us an email at info@magiccreeper.com