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Magic Creeper

Telescopic Magnetic Pickup Tool With LED Flashlight

Telescopic Magnetic Pickup Tool With LED Flashlight

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Telescopic Magnetic Pickup Tool w/ LED Flashlight

  • The magnetic pickup tool is ideal for finding/reaching bolts, metal nuts, screws and other metal parts.
  • It can stretch from 7.68 inches (about 19.5 cm) to 26.8 inches (about 68 cm).
  • Comfortable foam grip in blue for easy operation and control.
  • Durable stainless steel construction.
  • The magnet pulls up to 20 pounds. The suction force is related to the contact area and position of the adsorbate.
  • The magnet bar is strong enough to hold small metal parts and won't shake off when pulled out.
  • The pickup tool is suitable for the shop, garage, home, office, workshop, and other places to use!
  • Great accessory to the Magic Creeper and keep it stored in the Creeper Case!
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