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Magic Creeper

Patented Magic Creeper

Patented Magic Creeper

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ONE & ONLY Original, Patented Magic Creeper

(Beware: counterfeit products are know to lack the patented sliding material. You can only purchase the patented product directly from us.)


Not your typical high-maintenance auto creeper. The Magic Creeper is the most versatile auto creeper ever. The Magic Creeper works on any surface - grass, gravel, dirt, uneven concrete - it easily rolls right over hydraulic lines, extension cords, and nuts & bolts. The patented multi-layer construction is high-strength, puncture resistant and water oil resistant. You’ll love how easy and convenient it is to use. You'll want one with you wherever you go; one for your motorhome and one for the garage! The Magic Creeper also makes the perfect gift. When it comes to cleaning the Magic Creeper, snag a convenient box of our Magic Cleaner Wipes as the perfect degreaser designed specifically for the Magic Creeper. 


  • Zero ground clearance
  • Lightweight (3 pounds)
  • Oil and water resistant
  • Easy to clean with our simple degreasing MC Wipes
  • Puncture resistant
  • Long hair- No wheels, no problem
  • Works great on uneven surfaces or rough terrain
  • Easy to take with you – easily stored
  • No wheels – No weight limit
  • Will not damage or scratch expensive flooring
  • Move heavy objects with ease
  • Easy to maneuver with up to 5 feet of travel
  • Comfortable kneeling pad
  • ORIGINAL, Patented MAGIC CREEPER material slides with ease and always ready

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Caution: Potential Slip Hazard

The Magic Creeper is designed to provide a smooth and slick surface for users to easily slide in and out from under vehicles on any terrain. However, its slick nature also poses a slipping hazard if stepped on. To ensure the safety and satisfaction of our customers and bystanders, we strongly recommend exercising caution while using and storing the Magic Creeper. Always keep it attended during use, always ensure it is not left in a location where someone might inadvertently step on it, and always keep it stored in its rolled-up position with straps secured around it, preferably within the carrying case when not in use to prevent accidental slips. Most importantly, please avoid stepping on the Magic Creeper under any circumstance to ensure your safety.

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